Warp Speed Calculator

Warp Speed Calculator 1.0

How fast does the Enterprise go?


  • Set factors like warp speed, distance or time
  • Calculates quickly


  • Not intended for scientifical calculations

Very good

Warp Speed Calculator is a bit like most widgets out there: it doesn't really serve any purpose but it's fun to use. This widget basically allows you to calculate space travels at warp speed. By adjusting settings like TNG factor, speed, days or distance you can answer such essential questions like, "how much time would it take for my spaceship to travel to Mars and back at warp 4?".

The widget will probably amuse sci-fi and Star Trek fans for a few minutes, however don't expect to use it if your looking for precise calculations in space travel. After all, Warp Speed Calculator is essentially a little piece of fun, perfect if you have five minutes to waste.

Have you ever wondered how long it would really take the Enterprise to travel from Earth to Vulcan at warp 5? Or how far the Defiant could possibly get at warp 9 in just five days? What about figuring out how fast Voyager's maximum speed (Warp 9.975) is in multiples of the speed of light?

The Warp Speed Calculator is designed to answer these questions. Simply input two of three variables (speed, distance, and time), and the widget will calculate the third for you. It will even convert equivalent units, like years to days, light-years to parsecs, or warp factors to multiples of c. And you, too, can sound like a Treknology expert!

Warp Speed Calculator


Warp Speed Calculator 1.0

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